First blog post

Welcome to SearchingwithSheree!  I’m so glad you have stopped by.  Please sit and visit for a while.  I’d like to share with you my purpose in starting this blog.  When you are finished reading I hope you will leave comments and share a little about yourself as well.

Let’s start with the name~ I call my blog SearchingwithSheree because we are all searching for something.  Whether it’s something simple like trying a new recipe, to looking for a new wardrobe and style or something very complex like love or the meaning of life I hope this place, my blog, will be a stop along your journey where you find encouragement.

Now, I do need to say that life would be very difficult if I felt like I was always searching for something; as if I was not satisfied or content, so I feel it is important to say that I have found what is most important…Jesus Christ.  Wait! Don’t run off at the mention of His name.  I promise if you stick around long enough you will find something about me you can relate to.  Even if you don’t share my beliefs I am sure that just being a woman we will find something to talk about…something to perhaps grow and learn about together.

There’s so much going on in life.  So much more to you and me than we let the world around us see sometimes.  So, let’s sit and talk about it…together.

Let’s search for better ways to love our husbands and children, better ways to serve our neighbors, better ways to take care of ourselves emotionally, spiritually, and physically.  I invite you over to my place, my blog, to listen, talk, and grow together.  As I share my story, please comment honestly, but respectfully.  And by all means, share a piece of your story too.

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